[arin-ppml] Can a personal property approach ever transition into multi-stakeholder, private sector led, bottom-up policy development model?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Fri Apr 29 01:01:12 EDT 2011

In message <ADB79B87-01CB-49D6-BE05-C404EAEC5F85 at apnic.net>, George Michaelson 
> Interesting use of the personal pronoun here Guys.
> I also helped people apply for addresses in the 80s and 90s. I was never
> in any doubt that what i was doing was helping a corporate entity apply
> for something. I might have lodged the form, but I know the
> intentionality in mind, when it was done.
> Its the same as the old BSD licence. You might sign your name, but it
> was your institution which was bound to the contract.
> There *are* individuals who applied for resources in their own name. But
> I believe the vast majority of people of that time applied in their ROLE
> and not in their PERSON for this resource, and its vested with a
> Apologies for shouting. I do not participate in policy discussions as an
> APNIC representative, I speak as one who in the past, performed the same
> application role facing those template forms. Maybe you like to believe
> your application was in your own name, but I believe Mark (in
> particular) was applying on behalf of the CSIRO Radiophysics division,
> or some other unit.

CSIRO Division of Mathematics and Statistics (later CMIS).  I applied
on behalf of the division.  That being said it doesn't change the
(implied) conditions under which the addresses were allocated.  I
didn't attempt to hold onto them when I left CSIRO, the POC were
updated to point to a different officer within CSIRO.

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