[arin-ppml] Can a personal property approach ever transition into multi-stakeholder, private sector led, bottom-up policy development model?

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In message <67799.1304040474 at tristatelogic.com>, "Ronald F. Guilmette" writes:
> John Curran wrote:
> >  Not an easy situation in general, and remarkably challenging
> >  if you have a contingent which wants to opt out of any policy
> >  constraints.
> Just a question from the peanut gallery....
> Could the current situation, via-a-vis IPv4 in particular, and the
> legacy versus non-legacy holders be likened somewhat to the arrival
> of Europeans in the New World?
> I mean when Europeans arrived, the indigenous population (American Indians)
> only had a sort-of non-very-formal idea of Real Estate.  To them, it was
> plentiful and althogh various tribes laid claim to various large tracts
> ("hunting grounds"?) there was not a lot of formalism.  Then the Europeans
> showed up, and surveyors (including George Washington) started driving
> stakes into the ground, and recording everything in a big book.
> I just ask because, you know, as a matter of history we know how that
> particular confrontation of cultures and world views worked out in the
> end.

Except legacy addresses were never like that.  I was a legacy address
holder (MA88).  I requested and got a class B and 3 class C blocks
in Oct '88.  Those legacy address went to ARIN and eventually APNIC.

Legacy addresses were always kept in the book (whois).  You were
supposed to keep the POC up to date.  You were supposed to update
the nameserver records and ensure that the nameservers were running.
The delegations could be pulled if you failed to maintain them or
if you sub delegated those nameservers were broken.  The addresses
where given to you to use for as long as you had a use for them and
there was a expectation that you would return them if you no longer
needed them.  You had to demonstrate (attest) need for the address
even back then.  From memory it was 1, 3 and 5 years projections
and it was the 3 and 5 year projections that got me the class B.

The only thing different today is that the process is much more


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