[arin-ppml] Microsoft receives court approval for transfer as agreed with ARIN

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Thu Apr 28 14:13:00 EDT 2011

Michel Py wrote:

> A precedent has been created. A court of law has ruled that legacy
> prefixes were sellable assets (at least, in a bankruptcy context).
> Michel.

I am not certain I understand why ARIN had to get involved at all.

They can sell each other whatever they want. How does it have bearing on 
ARIN's database of registration unless the parties involved reach out to 
ARIN and follow ARIN's policies?

How does a sale of something|anything|nothing between two external 
parties involve ARIN's property, the registration database?

ARIN does not own any integers, just a database of associations between 
integers and other data.

Now granted, ARIN has an interest that the parties involved do bring the 
matter to ARIN, so that its registration database maintains the highest 
degree of relevancy possible, but I still do not understand how a court 
authorized sale between Microsoft and Nortel would carry with it 
obligations on ARIN.

In short, just because party A sells something to party B does not carry 
with it rights to property from unrelated party C, whether or not the 
item of value has no|less|more value based upon the actions of party C 
upon its own property.

If a party misrepresents the value of some integers by characterizing 
them as holding the value imbued to a set of integers by an unrelated 
third party, I should think that would be fraud.

If I were maintaining a database on my web site of some set of integers 
that were associated with various entities and two of those entities 
decided that these integers had value and sold their integers to each 
other, how does that in any way obligate me to modify my database?

Did they sell integers or did they sell an ARIN contract?


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