[arin-ppml] Hijackings

Joe St Sauver joe at oregon.uoregon.edu
Thu Apr 28 12:44:31 EDT 2011

Michael suggested that access to email POCs should be...

#Closed, meaning it won't send email outside of it (except, perhaps to
#other RIRs systems).   If you aren't a POC, then you have no business
#talking to other POCs, to keep out the spam.  This would be a small
#admission that Internet email via MX is dead (and I hate that idea), but
#it would make life easier.

I would suggest that there are many legitimate reporting parties who may 
not be POCs, and that it would be an error to exclude them from access to 
reporting channels.

Spam management is obviously a general problem, and one that has many 
"solutions" of varying efficacy. It is admittedly particularly tricky
when dealing with things like abuse role accounts, where you *expect*
to be receiving reports about abusive or malicious user content, but 
creating a closed messaging ecosystem is neither necessary nor sufficient
(binding of sender addresses to email messages is still something that's 
relatively primitive (modulo things like SPF, DKIM, S/MIME, and PGP/GPG)).

#I know that there was a system of SIP phones where I could dial an ASN
#as the phone number and talk to that NOC, but I don't recall what
#happened to it. 

I think you're thinking of Packet Clearing House's INOC-DBA, see


Joe St Sauver (joe at oregon.uoregon.edu)

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