[arin-ppml] Microsoft receives court approval for transfer as agreed with ARIN

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Wed Apr 27 18:51:37 EDT 2011

As I've mentioned to someone else before, if ARIN staff could share with us
how the existing policies could be improved to help meet transfers such as
the one from Nortel to Microsoft it would be much appreciated.  As Leo and I
and several others have commented, it *appears* that ARIN had to exercise
some creativity within the existing policies to make transfer happen under
those same policies. 

While I as an individual citizen would like to see greater transparency,
that's not how it works in the "real world".  I believe the ARIN community
wants organizations, even organizations that don't understand what ARIN does
or its value within the worldwide Internet community, to use the transfer
policy, and I believe greater transparency requirements would jeopardize
that.  Generic feedback from ARIN's staff would help improve policy without
affecting privacy.


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In a message written on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:56:28AM -1000, David Conrad
> I suspect that if those points aren't as negotiable as ARIN staff
> has interpreted them to be, ARIN will rapidly cease to have any
> relevance. Is that what you're after?

I gave up on my own personal views on this matter a long time ago.

All I am after now is that the policy text matches ARIN staff's
implementation, and vice versa.  If all the points need to be
negotiable then alter the policy, and if they don't, staff needs
to stop doing that.  I really don't care which outcome wins, but
having the policy not match what staff is doing is at a minimum
unfair, and at a maximum quite dangerous.

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