[arin-ppml] Curious about consensus

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Apr 26 19:26:37 EDT 2011

> 2008-2 required a transferor to sign an RSA or LRSA _before_ they could
> release the block to ARIN for transfer.  The presumption is that the
> receiver wanted a legitimate, recognized by ARIN block and thus the
> transferor had incentive to sign an RSA or LRSA first.

[Milton L Mueller] 

But this is precisely my point. Everything you say here and below seems to be founded on the assumption that a transferor requires ARIN's pre-approval. Nortel has just blown that assumption out of the water. The fact that it is under bankruptcy court may strengthen its resolve not to be bothered with a transfer agreement involving ARIN, but I see no reason why _any_ legacy holder couldn't do the same thing. 

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