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On 4/26/2011 6:29 AM, George, Wes E [NTK] wrote:
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>>> Note that the above proposal, if adopted, would still not result in
>>> ARIN becoming in any sense the "router police".
>> See above.
> ARIN does not now, and would not, under this proposal, have its hands on the proverbial switches, knobs, and dials of any routers
> anywhere.

When we connected to Sprint they would not adjust their BGP filters to 
allow us to announce our block until the WHOIS database had been updated.

And that was a few years ago.

>  As now, it could not tell anybody what to route or conversely what not to.  (The community quite clearly opposes any such
> control on ARINs part

Nobody is proposing that ARIN have such control.

If Sprint made a company decision to ignore WHOIS that would be their
decision, ARIN could not interfere no matter what it put in WHOIS.

But when Sprint does makes such a decision, you let me know, Wes.


  and this proposal would do nothing to change the fact that ARIN does 
not own or operate any routers, other
> than its on in-house ones.
> [WEG] I should note that as the SIDR origin validation stuff comes online, there may be some additional knobs in the form of
> revocation of certificates (or lack of those certificates in the first place) that would make any announcements of routes identified
> to be in this situation show up as invalid to those participating in the SIDR origin validation. However, because what one does with
> invalid (vs valid) routes is a matter of policy applied within one's own network, its impact is still not really controlled by ARIN,
> it simply gives ARIN an additional way to alert network operators of a potential problem. I would still recommend that if anyone
> decides to move this recommendation into a formal policy proposal, that they consider the implications of SIDR on how it is
> implemented.
> Wes George
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