[arin-ppml] Curious about consensus

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Apr 25 19:04:11 EDT 2011

On 4/25/11 17:21 CDT, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
 > OK so with all that said and everyone's memory refreshed,
 > where do we go now?

My personal recommendation is to take a step back from the transfer 
policy issue for a few weeks and focus on the policies that are in last 
call right now.  Please talk a few moments and respond to each of the 
last call thread and clearly state if you support the current text and 
if you think it should move forward for adoption or not as the case maybe.

Then think about the ways to improve the transfer policy, and start 
discussing them as individual items. I believe there is and was in fact 
a consensus on the need for a transfer policy, where we got bogged down 
was in the detail.  I must admit that I personally didn't like the way 
some the events around that policy transpired.  But, we need to let 
those bygones remain in the past and find a way to move forward without 
revisiting every heated discussion that occurred back then.

There were some issues brought up by staff in the policy experience 
report, some other ideas brought up at open mike, and there were a 
number of other ideas floating around that I heard talked about at lunch 
and in the hallways of the meeting. I believe we should start with a 
list of issues and possible solutions to those issues, and then discuss 
them one by one for a month or so as a general idea before we start to 
put together proposal language in late May or early June.

That is my thoughts.

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