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> It is also for these reasons I now urge those who have been on the
> AC for 2+ terms to consider stepping aside and letting someone else
> do the job.  In the hyper-policy enviornment of the AC there are a
> lot of things thrown at you the normal community might not notice.
> You'll have long discussions with other AC members about minute
> details that 90% of the community would never even care about.  It's
> very easy to let your mental "center" drift from the community's
> "center".
> That's not to say I think anyone there is doing a bad job, just
> that I think it's in the communities interest to insure we both
> never burn out some of our most passionate individuals, and also
> keep fresh perspectives going into the AC.
> As one of the people you're referring to here I feel I must comment.  AC
members are elected by ARIN membership.   I can't even nominate myself
because I am personally not an ARIN member and I do not work for an ARIN
member.  I have no idea if I will run again when my term is up but for the
past 13 years I have been nominated and elected by the ARIN members.  If my
"mental center" (as you put it) has drifted from the "community's center"
then they can feel free not to re-elect me.

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