[arin-ppml] Portability of demand (was: APNIC out of v4)

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Mon Apr 18 20:09:47 EDT 2011

On Apr 18, 2011, at 7:35 PM, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> This is the hard one to enforce....  

(re: multiple scenarios with hypothetical multi-national ISP)

Jimmy - 
  Yes, indeed.  The regional constraint is challenging to enforce.  
  Here are some thoughts on several options that might be considered
  if you wanted to try to address that problem:

  1) Provide stronger policy guidance to ARIN regarding how to 
     determine need (for example, need shall not be assessed
     for existing infrastructure/customers in region of the 
     service provider, even if additional number resources are

  2) Provide stronger policy guidance to ARIN regarding how the
     resources much be used  (for example, resources shall only
     deployed for new infrastructure/customers in region; ARIN
     should check routing to confirm that is where the block is

  3) Tolerate the potential for abuse under the present policies
     and hope that ARIN's processes for implementing the existing 
     policy suffice to minimize attempts to take address space 
     outside the region.

  4) Make policy to specifically eliminate the constraint, and 
     accept the resulting trans-region movement of resources.

  Either #1 or 2 above would result in stronger legal attestations
  and more verification activities.  #3 is status quo, and #4 is 
  obviously easiest to implement.  The right outcome should be 
  based on how important the community feels resource use in the 
  region should be protected.  Also, consider that both LACNIC 
  and AfriNIC are going to face similar problems with much more 
  IPv4 resources in inventory, so tighter policies in the ARIN 
  region may simply divert the creative to these RIRs... :-O

I hope this helps in consideration of the matter,

John Curran
President and CEO



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