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Sweeting, John john.sweeting at twcable.com
Mon Apr 18 15:05:06 EDT 2011

On 4/18/11 2:13 PM, "Owen DeLong" <owen at delong.com> wrote:

On Apr 18, 2011, at 10:52 AM, William Herrin wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:19 PM, cja at daydream.com <packetgrrl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We participate on ppml.
> Half of you do not. That half's participation is limited to showing up
> for the meetings and whatever back-room dealings they have out of the
> public eye.
> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 1:28 PM, Scott Leibrand <scottleibrand at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Keep in mind that this AC rule didn't come about until after the AC was
>> presented with a draft of the new PDP.
> Are early versions of that draft available for public comment or is
> it, however well or poorly conceived, a product of back-room dealings?
        I do not believe it is fair to characterize all forms of off-line work
as "back-room dealings". If every nuance of every discussion on every
detail of every process were to take place on PPML, the noise level would
greatly exceed signal and virtually nothing could get done.

        I believe the plan is for the PDP committee to get to the point where
they feel that the set of changes has good support from the AC and the
BoT and then bring it before the community for further review. I think this
is a perfectly legitimate approach and does not constitute back-room
dealings with the negative connotations that implies.

        The PDP committee has been very good about soliciting input
from the AC at several steps in the process and there are two
AC members serving on the committee. The community is welcome
at any time to submit input on how the PDP can be improved through
the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) on the ARIN web site

(JCS) Direct quote from transcripts from Toronto meeting, Lee Howard presenting on the PDP Committee:

(JCS) So what?  Why am I here telling you about this  committee, the Board does not always inform the community of every little  committee that we stand up. In this case we are specifically looking for
(JCS) suggestions. We're looking for what kinds of things have you noticed as we've  been doing policy development that could be improved, either any of the things  I've just discussed, clarity, relevance,   (JCS) timeliness, all the kinds of things  that go into this process.

 (JCS) If you have  comments, you can find any of us here at the meeting or you can send us e-mail.  I've again listed the names of the people who are on this committee and given  you the URLs for where  (JCS) you can find our e-mail addresses so that you can send  us e-mail saying here's what I think. You probably don't need to e-mail every  one of us, any one of us will do. We're all quite capable of speaking (JCS) during  our meetings.

(JCS) From the Atlanta meeting transcripts, Lee Howard presenting on the PDP Committee:

(JCS) So that's where  we are and that's where we're going. And  I listed the members of the committee. Of course those are always available on the ARIN website, if you look  for it real thoroughly. And these (JCS) slides  will be posted shortly, so you can find them there. And of course my name is Lee Howard, and  you'll see me on the ARIN Board section. If you go to ARIN "About Us," "Board of Trustees,"  and (JCS) look up my name, you'll find my email address. You can email me with specific suggestions,  issues, or concerns you have and make sure that you can find me and let me know  what your specific input is.


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