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	I really thought I would stay out of this discussion but when
the word muzzled came up I really took offense.  The AC members are all
very active in the policy development process.   We write drafts, we
work with community members to get their policy needs met.  We often
speak at other meetings, NANOG, IETF, etc to get input from other
communities. Sometimes at ARIN meetings AC members are the only people
at the microphones.  We vote on recommending policies to the ARIN board
for adoption. We participate on ppml. We are not muzzled in any way at
all.   13 of the 15 AC members voted for this standing rule which says
simply that we can't be counted but specifically states that we can
voice our opinions regarding a petition. 

	I can't speak for the entire AC but I feel that we have such a
huge say in the process that being able to petition our own actions is
too much.  I feel that the threshold of 10 people speaking in support of
a petition is a very low bar and if there aren't 10 non-AC members
speaking for a petition then the issue probably isn't worth revisiting.
I am sure non-AC folks on the ppml will speak up for things they feel
strongly about. It's not like you're a silent bunch.  :-)

	Also please note that it is stated in the minutes (link below)
that the revised PDP is expected to have language regarding petitions
that is similar to the AC standing rule. 


	Ps. The meeting minutes and vote count are here
	All 15 of us were in attendance for this vote. 

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