[arin-ppml] ARIN / Microsoft press release regarding IP address Transfers

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>> "Numerous aspects of ARIN's policies and procedures were broken in this
>> hasty attempt to insert itself into the transaction. First, ARIN's
>> transfer policy stipulates that recipients (buyers) are supposed to sign
>> an RSA, not an LRSA."
>> Milton also has a comment that Nortel hasn't signed any agreements with
>> ARIN.  I have assumed that an agreement would be necessary to "release"
>> blocks to ARIN for transfer to the buyer.
>> Can you explain how policy is implemented in these regards?
> I am a little confused.  If an organization is operating with 'Legacy' space with no documents or agreements with ARIN how is it supposed that an agreement is required?  Current support of Legacy space is currently done under a courteous understanding.

There are what would be considered documents pre-RIR.



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