[arin-ppml] ARIN / Microsoft press release regarding IP address Transfers

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Sun Apr 17 00:46:12 EDT 2011


>> Michel Py wrote:
>> John, I would suggest a better communication from ARIN
>> about this matter. Details, please.

> John Curran wrote:
> We actually aren't in the habit of sending press
> releases regarding any registration requests,

Rightfully, not only almost nobody would be interested, too much of it
would make it even more irrelevant. However, this is not like _any_
registration request, as you acknowledge.

> but felt that the community probably want to be aware of this
> development in light of the attention the transfer has received.

Indeed. Although I do not claim being the spokesperson of the community,
allow me to contribute that the community is likely not interested in
the mere fact that there is an agreement, but in knowing the details of

> If more information becomes available, I will gladly forward it.

With respect, this information is available to you. The way I see it is:
if the details are not made public, everyone is going to wonder what
murky deal you have cut with the evil empire, and what you, they, or
both don't want the public to know.

I find myself in a weird place writing this, as I have on occasion been
the one to facilitate murky deals that are better when not public. I
believe though that in this matter, complete transparency is necessary,
although it may not be legally/policy-wise required. If the customer was
an unknown company, we would not be having this exchange; but now the
cat is out of the box.

Let me put it another way: what is there in that deal that makes the
details un-publishable? Assess the damage control you have to do now vs.
what you would have to do then if you keep the details secret and they
end up on wikileaks.

Trying to elevate the debate:

1. What Microsoft paid to ARIN before the deal and what they will pay
after the deal is irrelevant. The monetary amount may be relevant to
ARIN, not to M$. I am not trying to feed the trolls who say that M$
should pay more just because they have deep pockets.

2. This is a test of what the trading of IPv4 addresses will become.
ARIN's handling of this situation will determine if ARIN will stay a
player in the game or if the game will become the wild-wild-west.


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