[arin-ppml] [arin-council] AC Role in Petitions

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Apr 14 22:40:53 EDT 2011

On Apr 14, 2011, at 4:49 PM, Charles O'Hern wrote:

> On 4/14/11 3:09 PM, Scott Leibrand wrote:
>> Charles,
>> The AC meeting minutes summarize the stated position of each AC member
>> who spoke in favor of or opposed to each motion. Some AC members also
>> post their opinions to PPML. But an AC member can vote their
>> conscience without explaining to anyone why they voted the way they
>> did.
>> -Scott (speaking only for myself)
> I did find the minutes for the March meeting, though it took a bit of digging on the website.
> My thinking is that the less verbose PPML members might be more likely to voice their opinions on a petition given more input on the PPML from the AC members on their decision
> about the proposal in question.  I'm not recommending a policy requiring such, just suggesting a course of action for AC members to respond to a petition of a decision made by the
> AC.  Some information is available in the minutes, but requires a little more work to get.
I think it's a good suggestion.

> Sure its possible that an AC member might use the opportunity to grind an ax, but this is a discussion list, is it not?  That opportunity is already there and the discussion is the
> purpose for which the list exists.
An AC member wanting to do so is already free to do so. There is no muzzle on what
we can say about a petition.

We can talk, we just can't help the petition succeed.


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