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Thu Apr 14 12:33:30 EDT 2011

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> I don't know my Internet History as well as I should but isn't this similar to
> how Internic became Network Solutions?

Yes, it is. And it also explains how off-target Kevin's comment was. 
The point is that creating an institutional infrastructure for a market to function does not mean that the governance functions become for-profit, commercial entities, any more than the FCC became for-profit and commercial when it allowed competition in telecoms, or the NSF became for profit and commercial when it allowed NSI to begin charging for domain name registrations and allowed commercial ISPs to exist. 

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> Following Mr. Meuller's arguments to their logical conclusion the only sane
> solution is to convert ARIN to a 'for profit' company and lease IP blocks at the
> market rate.  Proposal anyone?

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