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>> Following Mr. Meuller's arguments to their logical conclusion the only sane
>> solution is to convert ARIN to a 'for profit' company and lease IP blocks at
>> the market rate.  Proposal anyone?
> I don't know my Internet History as well as I should but isn't this similar
> to how Internic became Network Solutions?

Warren - 

   You more likely mean something like "how the NSF-funded InterNIC services 
   for DNS registration evolved into the commercial services of NSI and then 
   an array of competitive DNS registration services?"  There's a number of
   books out there that discuss those events, so I won't rehash it here, but 
   suffice to say that it involved via significant community meetings and 
   discussion of numerous proposals on how to best evolve the existing system.  
   Without a set of goals which explain why to change, and plan regarding how
   to change, you risk significant disruption to the stability of the existing
   system.  Hence, my reiteration that there is global policy which describes
   the current system (ICP-2) and that if there truly is a reason to change 
   the system, then the discussion should start with some proposals to change
   that global policy.


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