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Thu Apr 14 01:34:24 EDT 2011

Your conclusion from that statement extends it far far beyond the context in which it was made
and draws conclusions that I do not believe are accurate.


On Apr 13, 2011, at 6:37 PM, Milton L Mueller wrote:

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> From: Owen DeLong [owen at delong.com]
>> Can you cite the filings to which you refer or produce copies of them for the list? I think it would
>> be very interesting to see you back up this claim.
> Kremen v Cohen, DECLARATION OF RAYMOND A. PLZAK IN SUPPORT OF MOTION TO CLARIFY / MODIFY, No. USDC Case No. C 98 20718 JW Hearing Date : July 14, 2006 
> Plzak: "The resources described in the Court's Order contains one set of 1P resources not provided by ARIN. 208 .214.47.255 were issued to UUNET. See Exhibit A. They were not issued by ARIN . Like other "legacy" address holder's issued resources before ARIN began, ARIN has never had an agreement with UUNET that would give it authority over this." 

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