[arin-ppml] History Lesson (was: DRAFT POLICY ARIN-2011-1: GLOBALLY COORDINATED TRANSFER POLICY (Legacy space))

Jeffrey I. Schiller jis at mit.edu
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On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 09:16:15AM -0400, John Curran wrote:
> Hence my question...  what venue is appropriate for discussion on
> evolving Internet-wide principles that help keep the Internet
> running?  It certainly doesn't have to be IETF, or ARIN, or any
> other particular forum, but it should be an venue which allows open
> and transparent participation by all who are interested.

It depends on whether you want to have a discussion, or a discussion
that results in regulation.

For a discussion you can start (have started already really) with
ARIN. But for wider acceptance I would propose a meeting where other
stakeholders are explicitly invited. Stakeholders ranging from the
"usual suspects" (operators, IETFers etc) and other stakeholders that
are not always present. Like folks from CDT, EFF, EPIC and even
Consumer's Union (and these are just those that I know of in the
United States, it is probably worth investigating beyond the US

Such a broad meeting could be co-sponsored by ARIN, some other RIR's,
the Internet Society and the IETF.

If you are looking for a discussion that leads to regulation. Well, in
the US you are now talking about the FCC, DOC and probably Congress to
get appropriate legislation enacted (good luck with that :-) ).

This is a hard problem and I doubt there are easy solutions.

I remember a conversation from the early 1990's that I had with
another person from the IETF (who shall remain nameless) who had a
connection with the US government (DOD). I asked the question "So who
owns the Internet Address space?". His answer: "You do not ask that
question!" Things are probably a little clearer now, but only a


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