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On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 4:57 PM, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:

> > have thought you would want the most open, transparent, bottom up PDPs
> > in Internet Governance (the RIR PDPs) to stay that way.
> I do. There have been two serious mis-steps here which have worked against
> that goal.
> <snip>

> Second, someone made a good faith effort to create a policy dialogue around
> opening up the system and it was shot down so fast that it conveyed two
> messages, which I am sure you will regret in the long term: first, the "ARIN
> community" either didn't understand the pressing need to have that
> conversation or just didn't want to have it; second, that anyone pursuing
> that agenda will have to go outside the community to get anything done. NB:
> I do not think any process cheats or errors were made here, you followed
> your process afaict.  But collectively, you made a substantive blunder in
> the path chosen. You will pay for that blunder.

For what it's worth, the person I believe you're referring to has been here
in San Juan for the Public Policy Meeting.  We have had a number of very
good conversations, both publicly, at the lunch topic tables, and in smaller
groups.  IMO outside perspectives from him and others have been very
helpful.  In addition to improving general awareness, there have also been a
couple of concrete ideas that came out of the discussions, both related to
ensuring ease of access to the transfer market and reducing unnecessary
friction between market participants.  Those should result in policy
proposals after the meeting.

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