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Following Mr. Meuller's arguments to their logical conclusion the only sane solution is to convert ARIN to a 'for profit' company and lease IP blocks at the market rate.  Proposal anyone?


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> > On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 04:00:14PM -0400, Owen DeLong wrote:
> > > In a market where higher prices lead to greater production,
> > > speculation brings liquidity. In a market where increased production
> > > is not possible, speculation leads to higher prices and increases
> > > the probability of market manipulation.
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> > Who knows, in our context "production" might be interpreted as
> > increasing the rate of adoption of IPv6. Certainly if IPv4 addresses
> > were to become prohibitively expensive, IPv6 will look a lot more
> > attractive. Food for thought.
> Exactly. Address trading of v4 blocks would start to reflect the true
> scarcity value of the addresses, as well as operators' judgments about the
> time horizon of their value. And that could help surmount the migration
> hump by putting a lot of adjustments into motion.
> There is a weird schizophrenia in RIR list discussions of this problem
> which reveals that many people haven't thought this through very
> carefully. On the one hand, you get comments like this:
> "Who cares, IPV4 is dead --"
> Interspersed with comments suggesting that:
> "Hoarding of IPv4 addresses by speculators will drive up prices to levels
> that will [pick one] i) destroy the internet ii) force us all into the
> arms of a merged AT&VZ; iii) be really, really bad
> Is it just me, or is it not possible for both of those sentiments to be
> valid?
> If IPv4 is really dead, it doesn't matter at all how we handle the trading
> or need for v4 blocks. Indeed, you should support hoarding and speculation
> because the hoarders and speculators will be defeated and lose their
> shirts.
> If the "IPv4 is dead" meme is wrong (and I think it is _dead_ wrong) then
> it matters a lot how we handle trading policy. We have to define policies
> that adjust to the growing scarcity in the most efficient and socially
> beneficial way. Reiterating 1996-era best practices as if they were
> religious principles doesn't help.
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