Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Tue Apr 12 14:58:17 EDT 2011


Thanks for your concise restatement of where I was going.  To your last

On 4/12/11 8:47 PM, George Herbert wrote:
> We're tangling up a bunch of issues, including -
> A. Can a current legacy IP space owner / holder / whatever sell the IPs at all?
> B. Can a current IP owner sell IPs to a speculator?
> C. Or only to a legitimate user with need who failed to get an
> allocation from a RIR?
> We seem to be edging towards A = maybe, B = no, C = maybe.
> I understand where this is coming from, and ethically support
> something along those lines, but if the answer to A ever turns out to
> unambigously be Yes, then someone denied the opportunity to sell to a
> higher-value-offering speculator is likely to get litigious.

That's a very fair point.  If allowing SOME transfers leads us into hot
water, then we have to gauge whether allowing any transfers is
permissible.  Here, perhaps, is where our open nature leads us to some
difficulty.  Can the ARIN council reasonably discuss these risks without
that discussion itself putting the organization at a substantial
strategic disadvantage against such potential litigants?  If the answer
is NO, then perhaps we the community need to trust some pretty pat
answers from staff.


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