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Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
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I<http://www.thinkpolar.com/> would suggest this is a case of not crossing ones bridges before one comes to them.

We can what-if ourselves to death and create mountains of unnecessary policy.  The ARIN community is very globally minded and I am sure that if/when these situations arise the community will step up in a timely manner to deal with them.  Let's not waste time creating solutions to problems that do not exist.


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It is understandable that people would want IPv4 resources to stay in the region when they are scarce. But what happens when the ARIN region starts to reach parity with IPv6 services? IPv4 resources will start to lose their urgency in this region, but will still be needed in others.

What happens if the DoD were to return several /8's to ARIN? Is it in the best interest of the global Internet community that the ARIN region not return resources? Does anyone consider this hoarding? If another region were to exhibit similar behavior, this region would be quite vocal in opposition.

Does the current wording implement a double standard?

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