[arin-ppml] Support for ARIN Proposal 2011-3

Mike Joseph mjoseph at google.com
Thu Apr 7 04:58:11 EDT 2011

Owen, I do have a few questions and comments about this proposal:

   - Your new section 6.5.4 simply indicates that 6.5.8 requirements and
   sizing shall be used for reassignment to end users.  However, this seems to
   conflict with the existing section 6.9.  This proposal doesn't seem to amend
   or delete 6.9, so can you speak to resolving that conflict?
   - This policy replaces all of 6.5.4, but doesn't substitute anything for  That would leave operators with no way to justify assignments to
   their own infrastructure.
   - You seem to want to eliminate the HD-ratio from policy, but this
   proposal doesn't modify various other parts of the NRPM which mention
   HD-ratio (such as 6.5.9 and the aforementioned 6.9; section 6.5.5 also uses
   HD-ratio, but 2010-14 already replaces it).  Moreover, it doesn't delete or
   modify 6.7, which spends much NRPM real-estate describing the HD-ratio at
   great length.
   - Are you intending to remove the transition technology clause for
   subsequent allocations in section  I ask because this proposal
   seems to have that effect, and yet this clause was only added a few months
   ago as part of the implementation of 2010-12.
   - I can't find any maximum allocation size defined in this proposal or
   current policy.  However, this proposed policy would have the potential to
   allocate very large blocks.  I would like to see language fixing the maximum
   size at a /16 or perhaps a /12.  It's just too risky to leave it completely


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