[arin-ppml] A few questions for large transit network security managers

Tom Vest tvest at eyeconomics.com
Sat Apr 30 13:58:22 EDT 2011

1. Assuming a competition-driven number resource registry regime proves to be as successful as the existing competition-driven domain registry system has been in identifying end customers/registrants, how might that affect your own commercial/operational practices? 

All else remaining equal, do you anticipate that you'd feel (more likely, less likely, no different) with respect to 

(1a) monitoring transit traffic contents?
(1b) pre-screening prospective new customers, peers and providers, e.g., with greater emphasis on their customer/peer selection practices? 
(1d) giving preferential service/treatment to "familiar" customers/peers/providers (e.g., those that one can confidentially associate with some extended record of generally innocuous/non-disruptive operations), as compared to "unfamiliar" customers/peers/providers? 
(1c) giving preferential service/treatment to customers/peers/providers who are more "transparent," (e.g., who do not offer NDA coverage or other privacy guarantees to their own downstream customers), as compared to others who are less transparent? 
(1e) depeering/terminating service, or otherwise actively punishing peers, transit customers, or upstream providers who send you traffic that causes, or could cause, problems for some third parties?

Rationale for these questions:

Some community members have suggested that a market-based IP address distribution regime would have attractive side-benefits for individual and corporate privacy, by which they generally mean that individuals and companies would have much greater or perhaps total freedom to disclose or withhold identifying information as they see fit. Assuming they are right, and that an IPv4 market regime would drive the quantity and quality of operationally relevant identifying information to levels observed in the DNS world, how would that change affect the treatment of privacy (and/or other important freedom interests), and the management of network security by other participants in the Internet service delivery chain?

On-list or off-list responses would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance, 


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