[arin-ppml] Curious about consensus

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Sun Apr 24 10:46:33 EDT 2011

AC, All,

I find myself curious about how the AC has determined consensus of 
support for moving these proposals to last call.

Now I understand that the meeting polls are not even close to an actual 
vote procedure and should not be interpreted as such, but I was under 
the impression that they were valuable gauges and indicators for 
community opinion on draft proposals, by proxy of those interested 
enough to attend, as it is open to the world.

I understand the AC has multiple inputs to consider and the public 
policy meeting polls are just one, albeit they are one that is fairly 
easy to quote, reference and record. I have done such and while some of 
the recent decisions on Draft Policies by the AC seem simple enough, 
there remains others I find myself curious as to how the AC came to the 
determination they did on their disposition.

I would really appreciate if some members could find the time to shed 
some light on their consensus evaluating processes and to share their 
thoughts concerning that portion of the AC's role in the policy crafting 


 From the meeting:

ARIN-2011-2: Protecting Number Resources

So those in favor number, 7; and those against number 45. There's a 
total number of people meeting in the room and remote are 116. That's 
where we are for that proposition. So next one.

(The AC abandoned this one, to my eyes its the right call)

ARIN-2011-6: Returned IPv4 Addresses

So the proposition before us is 2011-6. The total number of people in 
the room and by remote is 118. Voting for it as is, with no further 
assumptions made, six are in favor and 28 are against.

(The AC moved this one to last call)

ARIN-2011-1: Globally Coordinated Transfer Policy

Okay. 2011-1, total number of people voting was 119. In favor of the 
proposition, 18 people; against the proposition, 11. So there we have that.

(The AC punted on this one)

ARIN-2011-4: Reserved Pool for Critical Infrastructure

In relation to 2011-4, total people meeting room, 112. In favor, 36; 
against, 10.

(The AC moved this one to last call, looks like another good call)

ARIN-2011-3: Better IPv6 Allocations for ISPs

Okay. So 2011-3. Total number of people in the meeting room and remote, 
116. In favor of as written were 20. And against, 17.


Thank you. So in relation to the idea that further work should be done 
on it and we move forward, the vote was 55 in favor and three against.

(The AC moved this one to last call with significant revision)

ARIN-2011-5: Shared Transition Space for IPv4 Address Extension

Those in favor of 2011-5. There's a total number of people in the 
meeting room and remote of 116. In favor of it were 30 and against it 
were 15.

(The AC moved this one to last call)

I fully expect that my faith and confidence in the hard work and good 
intentions of the AC volunteer community members will be rewarded.

Thank you in advance.


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