[arin-ppml] IPV6, Not yet (OT)

Larry Ash lar at mwtcorp.net
Thu Apr 14 12:31:25 EDT 2011

Sorry for the distraction,
I send this along only to remind those of us that maintain IPV4 will die 

Before purchasing switching equipment for the customer edge on a 
deployment I questioned the manufacturer about IPV6 and here was the reply.

The information I received from the Product Management team is that IPV6 is
not on the road map for this product at this time. If you need any other
assistance please contact us.
This is a fairly new product that has a lot of sexy features many of which
rely on layer3 yet the manufacturer is not even planning IPV6. I did inform
them that I am removing them from any consideration for any of their 

The word is still not getting to management in a meaningful way.

Larry Ash
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