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ARIN-prop-139 No reassignment without network service

ARIN received the following policy proposal and is posting it to the
Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) in accordance with the Policy
Development Process.

The ARIN Advisory Council (AC) will review the proposal at their next
regularly scheduled meeting (if the period before the next regularly
scheduled meeting is less than 10 days, then the period may be extended
to the subsequent regularly scheduled meeting). The AC will decide how
to utilize the proposal and announce the decision to the PPML.

The AC invites everyone to comment on the proposal on the PPML,
particularly their support or non-support and the reasoning
behind their opinion. Such participation contributes to a thorough
vetting and provides important guidance to the AC in their deliberations.

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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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ARIN-prop-139 No reassignment without network service

Proposal Originator: Owen DeLong

Proposal Version: 1

Date: 7 April 2011

Proposal type: modify

Policy term: permanent

Policy statement:

  Replace section 2.4 which currently reads:

2.4. Local Internet Registry (LIR)

A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an IR that primarily assigns address
space to the users of the network services that it provides. LIRs are
generally Internet Service Providers (ISPs), whose customers are
primarily end users and possibly other ISPs.


2.4 Local Internet Registry (LIR)

A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an IR that assigns address space
exclusively to the users of the network services that it provides. LIRs
are Network Service Providers (ISPs or NSPs), whose customers may
include end users and/or other ISPs/NSPs.


There has been discussion of late as to whether section 2.4 precludes
registries which are not ISPs. In the RIPE region, their policy does not
currently preclude such registries and there are a number of non-ISP
registries which have created significant problems. While there are a
few existing organizations in the ARIN region which reassign space
without providing connectivity services, these have generally been for
the purpose of building exchange points and other such critical
infrastructure. As such, current ARIN policy provides mechanisms for
such infrastructure organizations to deal directly with ARIN

Current ARIN staff interpretation of section 2.4 is in line with the new
proposed language. As such, this change will not have an operational
impact, but, only serves to bring the policy language in line with
current operational practice.

Timetable for implementation:

In effect, this policy is already implemented. For policy purposes,

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