[arin-ppml] Support for ARIN Proposal 2011-3

Steve Howard showard at paulbunyan.net
Mon Apr 4 14:24:41 EDT 2011

I cannot attend ARIN XXVII, but would like to publicly state my support
for ARIN proposal 2011-3.

This proposal addresses issues that we have encountered in planning our
IPv6 deployment. We have about 50 POPs (mostly rural) ranging in size
from a few customers to several thousand. A /32 is too small for us to
use and leave room for future expansion without re-numbering later.
Renumbering seems like it would be easier with IPv6 than IPv4, but it is
still a hassle for our customers that we would rather avoid. We have
delayed our deployment of IPv6 while we wait to see what happens with
proposal 2011-3.  It makes more sense for us to deploy IPv6 right the
first time!

My hope is that 2011-3 moves forward and we can get a new assignment in
time to have IPv6 available to several thousand customers prior to World
IPv6 day!


Steve Howard
Paul Bunyan Communications

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