[arin-ppml] Opposed to 2010-9 and 2010-12

Mark Townsley mark at townsley.net
Fri Oct 15 08:58:30 EDT 2010

On 10/15/10 1:10 PM, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

> Mark Townsley <mark at townsley.net> writes:
>> 6rd is just getting deployed now, so precisely how to transition it to native
>> is still speculative. But, I know that technically it is quite possible (with
>> equipment that will be available in 2011, if not today) to allow 6rd and
>> native exist alongside one another in a very transparent manner to the
>> end-user.
> When the AC discussed what the policy ought to be, we did not consider
> speculative repairs to the protocol or improvements in the
> implementations.  

Good. The scenario I described in this thread requires no changes to the
6rd protocol either. The part I am saying is speculative is largely
operational in nature.

> I recall that in response to my suggestion in the
> hallway that the real solution was 6rdbis (to include repairs to make
> it better than a proof-of-concept hack [*]), you told me in so many
> words that the ship had sailed, there would be no improvements, 

My point was that changing the protocol at this stage, just 2 months
after the standards track RFC is out and vendor equipment on the shelves
for roughly a similar amount of time, would lead to IPv6 deployments in
queue being significantly delayed.

Certainly, protocols can be improved and evolve. In fact, there are a
number of documents being discussed in the softwires WG in the IETF that
do precisely that for 6rd (for example, 6rd operation through an IPv4
NAT device, among others).

- Mark

> it's

> what we've got, and that the protocol with all its warts was committed
> to silicon, among other assertions reflecting inflexibility and having
> one's mind made up.  We did, however, frame the discussion in terms of
> the way in which operators of various levels of skill are likely to
> configure the equipment in actual field use cases.  I'll defer to the
> official statement for more.

> -r
> [*] which, in response to a comment you made earlier, was fully
> deserving of the standing ovation it got at RIPE.  Rightful applause
> and kudos for taking the initiative in a nationwide all-customers
> technology demo, and being ready for prime time, are orthogonal as I
> would expect anyone who works for an equipment vendor to grok at a
> deeper level than most.

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