[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

Brian Johnson bjohnson at drtel.com
Thu Oct 14 13:10:26 EDT 2010

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>On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 3:22 PM, Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ca>
>> $1250 is not very much, but it is enough that it prevents
>> from getting it because of authorization levels required.
>Folks, we can easily get lost in whether or not this observation is
>reasonable. Reasonable or not, it's reality. The question for the rest
>of us, then, is this:
>Do we want to sit around and wait for these guys while maintaining our
>costly dual stacks? Or should we remove the issue from the equation so
>that it no longer stands in the way of any IPv6 deployments?

So now we are going to put people on some kind of "guilt trip" because
of our decisions. If I do something that costs me money, then everyone
else should share my pain?

>Preemptive assignment is no magic bullet. Some of these folks will
>just find the next reason for delay. But why allow ARIN to be the
>reason they haven't deployed yet?

For me, the one-click option is the way to go. Make it easy to get the
space but do not "force" the space on anyone. I doubt anything that is
said going forward will change my mind on this, but go ahead and give me
a reason to make somebody else do something that they don't want to
without implementing some kind of global governance over the operators,
or acting like the in clique in junior high. :-)

- Brian J.

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