[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - October 2010

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 17:23:21 EDT 2010

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 5:06 PM, Hannigan, Martin <marty at akamai.com> wrote:

> So far, no clear legitimization as to why the AC would table something that
> had strong consensus. This has far wider implications than just this
> particular proposal.
As best I can tell, the only difference between what the AC did with
2010-10 and the other two proposals we chose to keep working on (-8 and -14)
was that for -10 we had an actual motion on the floor before we realized
there were some issues we didn't have time to resolve, and decided to wait.
In all three cases, we'll be discussing what action to take at our next

In my experience this is fairly routine, as most draft policies that end up
getting forwarded to last call come out of the public policy meeting
requiring some minor edits to address discussion points, which the AC works
with the authors to make prior to sending the draft policy to last call.

We could conceivably deal with more such issues immediately after the
meeting, but AFAICT that would require either a longer AC meeting, or a
concerted effort on behalf of shepherds, authors, and others to give up
their other evening activities to hammer out policy language.

Do you feel that forwarding this policy to last call right away, like we did
for 2010-12, is urgent?  If so, can you explain why?

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