[arin-ppml] Controlling the IPv6 address consumption rate

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Oct 13 11:46:09 EDT 2010

> At the same time (maybe even in the same RFC), the IETF decided that
> end users would not multihome using BGP with multiple ISPs under IPv6.
> That too is the official standard.

I call BS on this one. If you say "maybe even in the same RFC" then you
clearly don't know where this statement is or exactly what was written
or in what context. In fact if it is not in the same RFC then it is clearly
not "at the same time". 

If it is your misinformed opinion, then please say so instead of pretending
to quote from the IETF bible.

> Your loss. If you'd bothered, you would have discovered that we don't
> actually have enough bits in the v6 address to do everything important
> in the quantity we're told we should be doing it. Like it or not,
> we'll have to pick and choose.

The fact is that I believe your analysis is flawed and is based on false premises
and probably riddled with other problems. I think that you simply misunderstand
the issues and have jumped to too many conclusions without detailed analysis
and fact checking.

You can hold whatever opinions you want, but ARIN is under no obligation to
act on any of them.

--Michael Dillon

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