[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

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> An enterprise which currently pays no fees to ARIN: either because they
> have no resources (or because they were an early adopter last time, and
> they have only Legacy resources), can not make a business case for
> getting IPv6 space.  Even that ridiculously low cost of $1250 is hard.

[WES] Not trying to minimize the pain of justifying the costs of deploying IPv6 - I've been living it for years at a much larger scale, and it doesn't get easier just because the company is bigger. However...PD space (assuming your upstream does IPv6) obviates this argument 99% of the time because there are no ARIN fees to pay. If renumbering is more expensive than the ARIN fee for PI space, that makes your business case for you, otherwise you should be using PD.

Wes George


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