[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

Michael Richardson mcr at novavision.ca
Tue Oct 12 15:27:15 EDT 2010

>>>>> "William" == William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:
    William> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Brian Johnson
    William> <bjohnson at drtel.com> wrote:
    >>> "Why not look in the BGP table, take every announced ARIN AS
    >>> number and preemptively assign IPv6 addresses to each associated
    >>> organization that doesn't already have them? Not forever of
    >>> course... give it three years and then the assignments evaporate
    >>> unless claimed by signing an RSA and paying the annual fees."
    >> AS assignment != demonstrated need.

    William> Brian,

    William> I agree. That's why I said _announced_ AS numbers, not
    William> merely assigned.

    William> If there's a credible reason to believe that folks
    William> announcing IPv4 routes with their own AS number today will
    William> radically change course and deploy IPv6 without announcing
    William> their own IPv6 routes tomorrow, I haven't heard it
    William> yet. Have you?

    William> I claim that anyone actually announcing routes with a
    William> registry AS number has demonstrated a defacto need for
    William> registry IPv6 addresses.

I just wish that BGP4 announced both IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes on either v4
or v6 transports.  I think that there isn't anything preventing it in
the protocol, but all the routers I've seen announce
v4-over-v4-transport and s/4/6/. 

Why do I wish this? Because the enterprise that has his new IPv6 prefix
can then just announce it upstream.  One of three things happens:
    a) the upstream router dies because it's not just not IPv6-enabled,
       but it's IPv6-intolerant (router gets replaced, or ISP gets

    b) some SNMP trap or log entry announces to upstream ISP that they
       have another customer who is now IPv6 enabled, whose needs they
       are not serving.

    c) it just works, turns out the upstream is IPv6 enabled, but nobody
       thought it important to tell the customers.

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