[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Tue Oct 12 14:13:21 EDT 2010

While I agree that assignment does not equal deployment, assignment *does* facilitate deployment.  If netadmins already have the resources available they are more likely to deploy than if they have to fill out a form and wait for an allocation.  

As far as the needs based argument goes, I thought it was pretty much a given that anyone who wanted a minimum allocation of IPv6 and was willing to pay the fee (if any fee applied) would get one.



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> There are many discussions about how giving out address space does not
> cause deployment.   I agree that is is true for ISPs, which is largely
> who is involved in ARIN, and who care about routing table sizes.
> It is not the same situation for enterprises.
> Please see debate about non-connected IPv6 allocations starting about a
> year ago.
> Few enterprises have any reason to deploy IPv6 today.  While the smart
> ones go and get some address space from a tunnel broker and use that as
> their "site-local" address space, this doesn't work for everyone.
> (We had a long conversation about ULA-Random, and why it also doesn't
> suit everyone).
> An enterprise which currently pays no fees to ARIN: either because they
> have no resources (or because they were an early adopter last time, and
> they have only Legacy resources), can not make a business case for
> getting IPv6 space.  Even that ridiculously low cost of $1250 is hard.
> There are very few things that ARIN can do about deployment, reducing
> one small hurdle is about it.  Given that ARIN-PPML has already spent
> far more human resource time discussing this issue than it is worth, I
> suggest dropping this discussion.
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