[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Oct 12 14:02:20 EDT 2010

There are many discussions about how giving out address space does not
cause deployment.   I agree that is is true for ISPs, which is largely
who is involved in ARIN, and who care about routing table sizes.

It is not the same situation for enterprises.
Please see debate about non-connected IPv6 allocations starting about a
year ago.

Few enterprises have any reason to deploy IPv6 today.  While the smart
ones go and get some address space from a tunnel broker and use that as
their "site-local" address space, this doesn't work for everyone.
(We had a long conversation about ULA-Random, and why it also doesn't
suit everyone).

An enterprise which currently pays no fees to ARIN: either because they
have no resources (or because they were an early adopter last time, and
they have only Legacy resources), can not make a business case for
getting IPv6 space.  Even that ridiculously low cost of $1250 is hard.

There are very few things that ARIN can do about deployment, reducing
one small hurdle is about it.  Given that ARIN-PPML has already spent
far more human resource time discussing this issue than it is worth, I
suggest dropping this discussion.

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