[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 119: Globally Coordinated TransferPolicy

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>Policy Proposal 119: Globally Coordinated Transfer Policy
>Proposal Originator: Chris Grundemann, Martin Hannigan, Jason Schiller
>Proposal Version: 1.0
>Date: 11 October 2010
>Proposal type: new
>Policy term: permanent
>Policy statement: Any RIR's member may transfer IPv4 addresses to the
>member of another RIR as long as the two RIRs agree and exercise
>Internet stewardship and the values expressed in RFC2050.
>Rationale: Since individual RIRs now allow transfers, it makes sense to
>be able to transfer between regions as well.
>Timetable for implementation: upon ratification of all five RIRs
>Timetable for de-implementation: upon change to this policy text in any

Some questions...

 -  Are the transfer parties the RIRs or the individual RIR assignees?
 -  If the individual assignees, will the transferred resources be
re-assigned to the destination RIR?
 -  Are we willing to accept the fragmentation this will cause?

 - Brian J.

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