[arin-ppml] IPv6 Transition Policy (aka Soft Landing)

Brandon Thetford brandon at dodecatec.com
Fri Oct 8 13:16:53 EDT 2010

>From: arin-ppml-bounces at arin.net [mailto:arin-ppml-bounces at arin.net] On
>I could only be comfortable with something like this were it to be
>by a much larger framework for reserved pools of addresses, address pools
>had other qualifiers for eligibility, such as new organizations,
organizations with
>no existing or seriously limited resources, one-shot open to anybody pool,


>I also would like for such a proposal to encompass more or the entirety of
>last /8 and to be refilled by returns/revokes if/when they occur.

Agree, partially.  The reservation I have about that is that it would simply
postpone the same issue.
What happens when that /8 is used up?  We'll be in the same boat, but no
longer have a buffer.
I think I'd rather see it done with half of that space or something like

>A proposal that pits ARIN dictates against needs and desires of its members
is not
>good policy. A balance must be struck. Rewards need to be offered to offset
>Impedance mismatches between policy IPv6 dictates and
>goals will cause real issues and resentments.

As much as I hate to, I agree here, also.  It's the reason we're in this
situation now - businesses have their needs, and until a few months from
now, IPv6 isn't one of them (so they think).

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