[arin-ppml] Preemptive IPv6 assignment

George, Wes E IV [NTK] Wesley.E.George at sprint.com
Thu Oct 7 16:02:08 EDT 2010

Only thing that I'll add that hasn't already been said by others in opposition to this idea.

> "Why not look in the BGP table, take every announced ARIN AS number
> and preemptively assign IPv6 addresses to each associated organization
> that doesn't already have them?
[[WEG]] because every announced AS number does not necessarily need PI space. Even if you were to assume that all of the visible ASNs are multihomed (which may or may not be a valid assumption), unless ARIN is also planning to make updates to IPv6 qualification policies to make being multihomed a sole condition for justifying PI, we'd end up having to say "sorry, you don't actually qualify, give it back."

Far more useful would be for every SP that is actively delegating IPv4 space to their customers to start asking the executives of said customer company upon application/delegation (similar to the way that ARIN did) what their plan is for IPv6 and warning that they can't meet their IPv4 needs indefinitely.

Wes George

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