[arin-ppml] Policy Question(s)

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Oct 4 09:12:38 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Ronald" == Ronald F Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> writes:
    Ronald> Company B still exists.  It has an active web site and it is
    Ronald> taking orders for T1 lines.  The grand total of all IP
    Ronald> address space that Company B ever had, even in its heyday,
    Ronald> was the /18, and a tiny little /29, which was obtained out
    Ronald> of the allocation of another provider.  Because of the early
    Ronald> date of /18 allocation, and the chain of inheritance, my
    Ronald> guess is that most probably, Company B never had to
    Ronald> ``justify'' their use of the /18 at all, ever.  (Is that
    Ronald> correct?)

    Ronald> Fast forward to October of last year, 2009.  In that month,
    Ronald> a brand new Limited Liability Company (LLC) was formed in
    Ronald> the same state as Companies A and B.  Let's call this
    Ronald> `Company C'.  The mailing address for Company C is the same
    Ronald> as that for Company B.

    Ronald> Now, fast forward to today.  Right now, today, ARIN records
    Ronald> show the /18 to be registered to Company C.

Company B still exists, I think?  Does it still do business?
Does it still have T1 customers?  

    Ronald> Would it ever have been permissible for Company B to sell,
    Ronald> to ``gift'', or to in any other way transfer, just late last
    Ronald> year, its /18 to this brand new LLC, Company C?

It could certainly assign address space from B->C, just like it would
any other chunk.  Can it assign the entire /18, I don't know.  If it did
that, whois would still show company B in the chain.

    Ronald> Does it make any difference that Company B and Company C
    Ronald> seem to be in some sense ``sister'' companies, perhaps with
    Ronald> a significant overlap of management and/or ownership?

Yes, because it makes it much more likely to explain that Company C acquired
Company B, and that Company B is really a wholy-owned subsidiary.

    Ronald> I guess my question is: Can a brand new company, with no
    Ronald> history whatsoever, file papers with the state, to become a
    Ronald> legit, LLC, and then waltz in to ARIN the very next day and
    Ronald> get themselves a whole fresh new /18 ?  Can they do it if

yes, there are ways they could do that: having some kind of construction
contract inked and signed for some kind of network build that would be
completed within 30 days, and would use an entire allocation. 

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