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The IETF Internet-Draft titled "IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites" is
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    RFC 3177 argued that in IPv6, end sites should be assigned /48 blocks
    in most cases. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) adopted that
    recommendation in 2002, but began reconsidering the policy in 2005.
    This document revisits and updates the RFC 3177 recommendations on
    the assignment of IPv6 address space to end sites.  The exact choice
    of how much address space to assign end sites is an issue for the
    operational community. The role of the IETF is limited to providing
    guidance on IPv6 architectural and operational considerations. This
    document reviews the architectural and operational considerations of
    end site assignments as well as the motivations behind the original
    3177 recommendations. Moreover, the document clarifies that a one-
    size-fits-all recommendation of /48 is not nuanced enough for the
    broad range of end sites and is no longer recommended as a single

    This document updates and replaces RFC 3177.

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