[arin-ppml] IPv6 Transition Policy (aka Soft Landing)

Chris Grundemann cgrundemann at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 12:00:54 EDT 2010

Problem Statement:
We have failed to deploy dual-stack in a meaningful way in time to
avoid transition problems

-1- Encourage IPv6 deployment prior to depletion
-2- Enable growth of IPv4 where IPv6 is being deployed
-3- Improve the utilization of IP addresses

High-Level Requirements:
-1- ARIN will only make allocations and assignments for networks that
have already deployed production IPv6
-2- Any IPv4 addresses received under this policy, must be deployed
along side of IPv6
-3- This policy will encourage deployment of IPv6 in existing IPv4-only networks

Rough Policy Text:
~ Requester defines classes in their network - only classes where IPv6
is in production qualify for IPv6
~ New addresses must be deployed on dual-stacked interfaces plus one
additional existing IPv4-only interface must be dual stacked, up to
80% of all interfaces.
~ The service that the address is used to provide must be fully IPv6
accessible (if you deploy an A record, you must also have a AAAA and
both must answer)
~ All end-sites must dual-stack all Internet facing services before
getting this space
~ For each down stream customer site where these addresses are
deployed, another pre-existing IPv4 only down stream site must also be
IPv6 enabled, up to 80% of the total customer base.

This is an emergency, let's get something together ASAP. All feedback
is extremely welcome and greatly appreciated; this problem is all of
ours. If you are still here in Atlanta come find me, Marty Hannigan
and/or Jason Schiller to discuss.



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