[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 122: Reserved Pool for Future Policy Development

Warren Johnson warren at wholesaleinternet.com
Fri Nov 19 21:40:38 EST 2010

It seems to me that when there is no longer any IP addresses, we have the
potential for a lot of wrangling over the "proper" usage of that reserve.
Consequently, we could end up with a long protracted debate and not pass
proper policy before the expiration date.  At which point, they go back into
the pool and get distributed in one day to the expected backlog, making the
whole thing a pointless exercise.  There is also the potential for abuse in
that an interested party or parties on the waiting-list could stall the
whole process in order to let the addresses expire and be returned to the
pool.  I would recommend adding a provision worded something like this:

In absence of policy dictating "proper" usage for the reserve pool, the
expiration date for reserve pool shall be automatically renewed each month,
for a period of one month, starting at its expiration date as defined in
this proposal.

> I cannot speak to the author's intent, but, in my opinion, this
> will effectively be a way to back-door a removal of the
> reservation and return the 4.10 space to the general
> free pool with an 11 month delay.
> Owen

Yes, it would effectively throw that segment back into the pool
regardless of intent, of course that date could always be changed.

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