[arin-ppml] REQUEST FOR ARIN STAFF Was: Re: Policy Proposal 120: Protecting Number Resources

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Nov 10 03:33:46 EST 2010

On 11/10/2010 12:21 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> On 11/9/2010 5:59 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>> Revocation for non-payment is a fair representation of the abandonment
>> rate for ARIN-issued resources; it says absolutely nothing about the
>> legacy abandonment rate (most of which probably occurred before ARIN's
>> formation)
> No, BUT section 3.6.1 has the statement:
> "...ARIN will maintain, and make readily available to the community, a
> current list of number resources with no valid POC; this data will be
> subject to the current bulk Whois policy...."
> ARIN has publicly defined criteria for determining if a POC is non
> respondent in section 3.6
> If you make what I feel is the extremely logical assumption
> that invalid POCs are tied to abandoned resources, then all you
> need to do is look at the current list of number resources with
> no valid POC to see how much IPv4 that a reclamation drive
> would gain.
> The $64,000 question is, where is this list? Why is it
> not provided when it's required by policy, yet this "paid
> abandonment list" which is required by nothing, is instantly
> supplied by John when asked?

I have to apologize for this last paragraph, I just noticed the
post yesterday from John regarding the addition of a link to this
list in the downloads section.

Hopefully, THAT info should shed some light on this.


> , nor does it say anything at all about folks that are still
>> paying fees and/or staying in contact but could no longer justify their
>> space if reviewed.
>>>> There seems to be a fairly strong consensus that the numbers would
>>>> be significantly larger if ARIN were actively looking for abandoned
>>>> or unjustified resources.
>>> I'm not sure where this consensus comes from. I don't think addresses
>>> are getting abandoned any faster now. Fraud and underutilization
>>> are a different matter, but, in terms of abandonment, I think the
>>> numbers show that there's not as much as some seem to be claiming.
>> I don't think the numbers presented so far show _anything_ useful,
>> considering that ARIN has never _gone looking_ for abandoned,
>> fraudulent, or underutilized space. They _might_ indicate reporting
>> rates, but even that is dubious.
> Yes, this is correct - please google "self selected surveys"
> if you don't understand that measuring this problem by looking
> at ARIN's reports of "paid" registration abandonments is absolutely
> useless.
> Ted
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