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	I don't understand these attempt to discourage discussion. Since
policy guides allocations and we can only 	assess policy through its
impact on allocations why would anyone say that the implications of specific
large-scale allocations cannot be discussed?

	If you think specific comments are conjectural, wrong or FUD make
your case. But don't try to exempt ARIN 	from an open discussion of
what it does. 

No one is trying to exempt ARIN from anything. There is a list for
[off-topic] discussion. It's conveniently labeled arin-discuss for a reason.
Please use it for its intended purpose. 
PPML is for discussing draft and potential policies, and as far as I can
tell, none of the discussion and conjecture around what ARIN and Comcast
have done or not done has been tied even tenuously to any current or
proposed policy currently up for discussion. If I'm wrong, let's bring the
discussion back to that instead of acting like we're trying to censor
discussion when someone points out that this is off-topic.

Wes George
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