[arin-ppml] Comcast

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Nov 8 21:26:05 EST 2010

In message <206001cb7f91$64b8f6e0$2e2ae4a0$@com>, 
"Warren Johnson" <warren at wholesaleinternet.com> wrote:

>I simply think it is intriguing that a large evangelist and proponent of
>ipv6 adoption required a gigantic allocation.  It demonstrates the
>complexity of the issue.

Just curious... Who is the official keeper of the IPv4 doomsday clock,
and how much closer to midnite does this allocation put us?

(I see a couple of things out there that look sort-of like IPv4 doomsday
counter-downers, but nothing that's really clock-looking.  I'd like to
see a real clock someplace, with hands.  I guess that if one takes the
whole of the IPv4 space as being 12 hours, then I guess that we are
already well past 11 PM, yes?)

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