[arin-ppml] Audits

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Nov 7 21:48:04 EST 2010

In message <AANLkTik187Fz411cQ_e_U3_0NzFtqpDiN7qy_eOdQ4A4 at mail.gmail.com>, 
Matthew Petach <mpetach at netflight.com> wrote:

>This is really a disguised "eminent domain"
>issue, then, where the community votes to have ARIN act as the
>"government" to seize back assets from private use that it deems
>are necessary to be used in a different manner for the public good.

I don't know for sure, or precisely, what all of the different participants
in this discussion have a desire to achieve, but the sense I have gotten
from what I have read is that really, the most common desire expressed here
isn't so much to take back stuff that is "in private use", but rather to
return to the free pool stuff that _isn't_ actually being used... or at
least stuff that isn't being used by the particular entities to which the
assets in question were originally allocated, or some legitimate sucessor

With reference to your "eminent domain" concern, I rather doubt that anyone
had (or has) in mind to come in a force the proverbial disabled elderly
couple out of their ancestral home of 57 years (and into a shabby apartment)
in order to make way for a new freeway or upscale shopping mall.  That isn't
what this is about, I think.  A better analogy might be the demolition of
a dilapidated _abandoned_ home, where the one and only owner has long since
died, without any heir apparent, and demolition of said eyesore and crime
magnet _before_ the crack heads move in, take it over, and thus drive down
_everybody's_ property values.

If you want to call the latter an exercise of "eminent domain", then so be
it.  Have at it, and more power to you.  I won't quibble over terminology.
But don't condemn the general idea based on any misunderstanding of the
motivation.  This isn't about "economic development" and evicting people
from their homes to build a sparkling new shopping mall.  The motivation
here is, I think, more about public sanitation.


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