[arin-ppml] Audits

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Sun Nov 7 18:30:37 EST 2010

> Thanks for the clarification.  This is really a disguised "eminent
> domain"
> issue, then, where the community votes to have ARIN act as the
> "government" to seize back assets from private use that it deems
> are necessary to be used in a different manner for the public good.

I think it needs to be very clearly stated by ARIN and stated often that
once their v4 allocations run out, the public should have absolutely no
expectation of ever seeing any more.  While it might be that some space
could be recovered, ARIN is not (currently) in the IPv4 number recovery
business and that the shortage and runout of such addresses had been
foreseen for a very long time and we have arrived. 

In other words, setting the public expectation that once the addresses
have run out, then they have run out and there is a good possibility
that they won't get any more is a prudent measure to take.  Even having
a "waiting list" shouldn't be interpreted to imply that anyone on that
list will ever see their request fulfilled.


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