[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2010-10 (Global Proposal):GlobalPolicy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA Post Exhaustion- Last Call (textrevised)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Nov 4 08:30:21 EDT 2010

In message <883BFCDD-B3D6-458D-B4AC-4D18F6007993 at delong.com>, 
Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:

>>> There are too many people now in the ARIN community that just want to
>>> bury IPv4 and really aren't interested in mining possibly usable IPv4
>>> from Legacy resources.  They want to believe if we just ignore it we
>>> can leave IPv4 behind in a few years and switch everything to IPv6
>>> they won't believe this isn't going to happen right away until it
>>> doesn't happen right away.  Maybe they are right.  I just hope that
>>> they are not, that they start mining.
>> I think they are wrong, and within 12 months, the spaghetti is going
>> start to hit the fan.
>However, if you're faced with a post-runout network deployment, the
>isn't so much one of whether the world has gone IPv6 yet or not as it is
>of whether it makes sense to take heroic measures to add your network to
>IPv4 network living on life support at best, or, add it to a growing and
>IPv6 internet.

"Growing and vibrant IPv6 internet" ??

Have you ever considered a career in marketing?
(1/2 :-)

>Finally, if you think it's going to take 12 months for the IPv4
>spaghetti to make
>contact with the whirling blades, you aren't paying attention. I think
>it will
>be somewhat sooner.

I said "within 12 months".

I was being generous.


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